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You Can’t Deny It!

We are Nationalists

Fash Emporium is a platform for nationalist merchandise you can’t find anywhere else, designed from the bottom up to be flexible and secure enough to reliably host a wide range of products and services that are censored by other outlets. It is hosted entirely by dedicated nationalist activists with decades of proven public activist experience, so your shipping information is safe with us.

We are a Flea Market

Fash Emporium maintains no inventory and operates exclusively as a platform for third-party vendors. We carefully vet our vendors for both trustworthiness and reliability, guaranteeing you the widest possible selection at competitive prices with prompt shipping and rapid, friendly customer response.

We Only Accept Bitcoin and FashCash

We have a special Bitcoin for Fascists tutorial to help get you up to speed. We understand that this is a major inconvenience for many of our customers, but it’s the only way to guarantee your data security and protect ourselves from the endless farce of cycling through one credit processor after another. Also, we believe every political dissident must become comfortable with cryptocurrency in order to ensure that the globalist financiers won’t impede our movement’s growth.

We also accept FashCash™, which is actually just a coupon code for an arbitrary amount of store credit. This gives people a convenient way around Bitcoin if they know a trusted friend who does. That person can purchase the FashCash™ with Bitcoin and then trade that amount to you for the same amount in cash, PayPal, Facebook Pay, or whatever. FashCash™ is good for any purchase on the site, unlike HeimBucks™, which are only usable for TradWorker Official party materials.

We are Secure

Fash Emporium is self-hosted, on a hardened web server which can be accessed either at https://www.fashemporium.com through an SSL-enabled connection, at http://fashfgbb7jruubb3.onion/ on the Dark Web, and even at http://www.fashemporium.bit using decentralized DNS technology (plugin required). By making your purchase on the Dark Web using cryptocurrency that’s been acquired and handled properly, you’ll be making one of the most secure purchases possible. While security is never absolute, only the webmaster and the vendor will ever have access to your transaction information.